Our Unique Nutritious Production System

Produced with your baby in mind


We only want the best for your baby. Which is why Karihome is dedicated to retaining the natural blessings of goat milk in our unique infrastructure and specially-developed gentle production process.


For a start, 100% of our goat milk comes straight from our 72 farms in Waikato, New Zealand. So, fresh quality goat milk is delivered to our own milk factory within a day. Our goat milk is based on the whole food concept, using the whole goat milk to retain its valuable nutrition. Our goat milk does not need to go through several dissociation procedures such as degreasing, but only once through high temperature heating to produce powder which retains much of the natural nutrition. This gentle process removes any strong smells, leading to a mild, pleasant taste. And this unique production differentiates us from other traditional production which needs at least 2~3 times high temperature heating processes.   


The high and stringent standards are for the purpose of retaining as much natural nutrition as possible, so your baby can maximise its goodness. After all, we produce the best goat milk for babies as if they were our own. We know your priorities and we deliver it.   


 Karihome from pure New Zealand Karihome from own farm to can