Karihome Story

Karihome believes that breast milk is the best for babies. We are devoted to providing natural and nutritious quality goat milk formula to enhance mothers' unconditional love for her babies.


Karihome goat milk formula has valuable natural goodness that aids digestion and protection from within. Basing on the “whole food” concept, we retain more natural nutrition with our unique production. Thus Karihome supports babies in building solid foundation to grow and explore the world healthily and happily.


Naturally Near to Mother Nature


Karihome is an international brand shared by Orient EuroPharma (OEP) and Dairy Goat Co-operative (DGC). The brand was inspired by “Karitane,” a parenting service facility in New Zealand, whose vision we appreciate- “to be the guardian of children’s health, help bring happiness and warmth to every family”. We demonstrate the same spirit by taking care of every baby, just like we care for our own.


Unlike other enterprises, DGC is owned by 72 goat farm owners, including OEP. We know where every drop of our goat’s milk comes from. We value the natural goodness from our goat’s milk and try to retain as much of it as possible through our unique production process. Our milk formula is 100% sourced and produced in New Zealand. We vow to keep the most stringent quality controls and provide best quality products to all families.


Karihome Own Farms Karihome Own Farms


Since its establishment in 1991, Karihome has utilized studies conducted by internationally renowned medical and infant experts to develop products most suitable for infants and toddlers in the Asia-Pacific. And As the leading brand in the goat’s milk category, Karihome is the first Goat Infant Milk Formula to have conducted clinical researches and got approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). We have been chosen and recognized by millions of families.


Nowadays Karihome is sold worldwide with a complete range of goat products from Infant to adult milk powder. We remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission, taking care of every baby just like our own, firmly in mind.


Karihome Clinically Proven  Karihome Gently Made