Karihome Story

Goat milk, a gift from Mother Nature



As a mom, you want only the best and most natural milk for your precious babies. Breast milk is second to none. But goat milk, with its pure, natural goodness also has all the  nutrition that your babies deserve.


 Goats NZ


Since 1991, it’s been our philosophy to be the guardian of your children’s health, and a valuable partner in the journey towards your baby’s health and happiness. You know you are getting the best because we are second to none when it comes to proficiency in goat Infant Milk Formula (IMF). This is the result of more than 20 years of devoted research and dedication in goat milk nutrition and years of multiple long-term clinical studies.



Gifted by Nature. Clinically proven


As goat milk is our core product, we are devoted to ensuring babies get the best and most natural nutrition. 100% sourced from our own farms, we know where every drop comes from and our processes maximise its natural goodness from farm to home. Chosen and recognised by families across the Asia-pacific region over the past decades, Karihome is the first goat IMF to be approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).


So moms, when you choose Karihome, you choose to give the best foundation for your family’s growing years.


Clinically proven