The Natural Goodness of Goat Milk

100% from our own farms to your loved ones


With Karihome, you know you will get the best goat milk for baby because we get them from our best goats. And where else would you get the best dairy than pure New Zealand, a land where the summer is warm, moist and sunny, and the winter is pleasant. Waikato region, where our farms originate from, has the perfect nourishing environment from which pasture thrives. Coupled with the care and love from our farmers, our goats are specially well-bred, producing rich, natural, nutritious milk, following strict New Zealand and Dairy Goat Co-operative (DGC) code of farm practice and welfare. By applying sustainability principles to our business, we play our part in ensuring that children can grow up in a world that is more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.


Karihome origin from pure New Zealand   Karihome from New Zealand own farm



Three times more nutrients, three times the love


Unlike cows, goats have the secreting methods as humans. Thus, more bioactives are secreted with goat milk. What’s more, the level of natural nutrients such as Nucleotides, Taurine and Glutamic acid are 3 times higher than cow’s milk. All these natural blessings from Mother Nature protects your child from within and builds a solid foundation for mental and physical health.


 Karihome contains 3 times more bioactives