Cow Milk Powder
Cow Milk Powder
Karihome Cow Milk Growing-Up Formula
*Supports baby's natural defences *Fortifies healthy digestive system
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We've expanded into cow milk! Karihome Cow Milk Growing-Up Formula contains 2'-FL MultiShield Protect to fortify your child's immune system and digestive health besides promoting physical and mental development.

That's because it contains
Karihome Cow Growing-Up Formula

is best for
Immunity boosting
Healthy digestive system
Eye and brain functioning

Multishield Protect Formula

Support Your Little One's Immune4 & Gut Health3

A healthy digestive system is essential for the development of your little one's natural defenses. 70% ~ 80% of cells that support immunity are located in the digestive tract1.
2'-FL is a type of oligosaccharide, a special prebiotic, that feeds good bacteria in the gut.
Karihome formula^ contains highest* 2'-FL.(200mg/100g)
Studies show 2'-FL is beneficial in 3 ways:2
  • Improve
    gut health3
    2'-FL can enhance the
    development of the
    intestinal microbiota
  • Support immune
    2'-FL is a beneficial prebiotic that
    has shown to support your child's
    immune system
  • Protect against
    2'-FL decreases the risk of
    infection by their interactions
    with viruses and bacteria
Zinc and Iron
Your child needs vitamins and minerals for growth, development and boosting their immune system. Zinc helps in physical development & iron is necessary for normal immune system function. In addition, both zinc & iron supports your child's natural defences
Build stronger foundation
from within6
Studies show milk formulas fortified with nucleotides enhance infants' developing immune system.

Karihome Cow Milk
Growing-Up Formula

Besides innovative Multishield Protect nutrients,
our formula also contains key nutrients for brain and
all-round development.

Support Brain Development

Support All-Round Development


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* Compared with toddler cow milk formula brands sold in Singapore. Based on declared value per 100g of powder.
^ Karihome formula refers to Karihome Multishield Protect Cow Milk Growing-up Formula